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Title V Correlations

See how each Choosing the Best curriculum meets Title V, A-H criteria.

CTB-Title V Correlation

State Correlations

See examples of how Choosing the Best meets state requirements for sex education. Click Here

Choosing the Best LIFE:

a complete, easy-to-use program

  • Leader guide (see picture below) details teaching objectives, outline, plan, and optional classroom exercises and homework assignments. Conveniently features student curriculum on each page.
  • Video vignettes for each lesson and optional STD slide presentation
  • Student manual with interactive exercises
  • Colorful posters to reinforce healthy choices and positive behavior
  • Handy binder for easy storage
  • Title V approved

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For Upper Middle School – 8th Grade

Direct enough to command teens’ attention, this 8-session curriculum also helps communicate, dynamically and positively, the value of committing to abstinence. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to discussion. Each 50-minute segment balances information about healthy choices with role-plays that help guys and girls practice saying “NO.” Topics include:

  • Sex, Emotions and Self-Respect
    Teens learn how guys and girls view sex differently, while grappling with the emotional impact of sex before marriage.
  • Sex, Alcohol and Respect
    Teens hear painful stories of mixing alcohol and sex, as they learn startling statistics about alcohol.
  • Sex, STDs and Honesty
    A powerful video introduces students to the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases. They see for themselves the damage of specific STDs.
  • Sex, Pregnancy and Responsibility
    A real-life teen couple shares the struggle of an unintended pregnancy. After teens evaluate choices and consequences, they see the value of being abstinent until married.
  • Sex, HIV and Compassion
    After watching two young adults share how it feels to live with AIDS, teens separate myths from facts about HIV/AIDS, and in the process, learn compassion.
  • Sex, Love and Healthy Choices
    Teens hear others share why they’ve chosen abstinence. After evaluating the options for themselves, students are given the opportunity to commit to abstinence until marriage.
  • Sex, Limits and Self-Discipline
    Beginning with self-discipline, teens learn practical ways to handle sexual pressure from peers and others.
  • Sex, Saying “NO”and Courage
    Practical role-plays enable students to develop and sharpen assertiveness skills.

Choosing the Best LIFE