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Title V Correlations

See how each Choosing the Best curriculum meets Title V, A-F criteria.

CTB-Title V Correlation

State Correlations

Choosing the Best curricula meet most state standards for middle and high school sexual health education. To find out how Choosing the Best correlates to your specific state standards, please email Rachel Turner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Choosing the Best LIFE:

a complete, easy-to-use program

  • Leader guide (see picture below) details teaching objectives, outline, plan, and optional classroom exercises and homework assignments. Conveniently features student curriculum on each page.
  • Video vignettes for each lesson and optional STD slide presentation
  • Student manual with interactive exercises
  • Colorful posters to reinforce healthy choices and positive behavior
  • Handy binder for easy storage
  • Title V approved

For Upper Middle School – 8th Grade

Direct enough to command teens’ attention, this 8-session curriculum also helps communicate, dynamically and positively, the value of choosing sexual delay. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to vibrant discussion. The 45-minute segments include topics such as sexual violence prevention, understanding consent, and healthy relationships, along with role-plays that help teens avoid at-risk behaviors. Topics include:

  • Developing Healthy Relationships
    Students learn how to identify healthy versus unhealthy relationships, along with 5 tips for developing healthy relationships.
  • Preventing Sexual Violence
    Students learn that sexual violence can include everything from unwanted sexual fondling, to internet sexual harassment, to rape or attempted rape and that it is NEVER the victim’s fault. The lesson covers how to get help if you or someone you know has been a victim, and teaches the 5 key components of consent.
  • Preventing STDs
    This lesson provides detailed, medically accurate information about common STDs, including symptoms, potential complications, and treatments. Students learn how STDs are spread, along with the benefits and limitations of “safe” or “safer sex” and why sexual delay is the best STD prevention strategy.
  • Preventing Teen Pregnancy
    A real-life teen couple shares the struggle of an unintended pregnancy. After teens evaluate choices and consequences, they can clearly see the value of delaying sex for their health and future.
  • Avoiding HIV/AIDS
    Teens are educated about the myths versus facts about HIV/AIDS and, as they listen to a young woman share how it feels to live with HIVAIDS, learn compassion.
  • Choosing the Best LIFE
    Teens hear others share why they’ve chosen sexual delay, and then participate in a discussion about the differences between love and infatuation. Teens are encouraged to think about their personal goals and how choosing to delay sex could benefit their future.
  • Setting Limits
    Beginning with setting personal boundaries, teens learn practical ways to handle sexual pressure from peers and others. Included is a discussion about the dangers of sexting.
  • Resisting Pressure
    Practical role-plays enable students to develop and sharpen assertiveness skills, verbally and non-verbally, to resist unwanted sexual pressure.



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Choosing the Best LIFE