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Now Available for Remote, In-person, or Hybrid Classrooms

Choosing the Best is now offering two new interactive digital education tools to maximize flexibility, simplify teaching, and enhance learning, whether students are participating in remote, in-person, or hybrid classrooms.

imgDigitalEducationBookse-Student Manuals

Electronic Student Manuals are now available for all Choosing the Best middle and high school programs for the same price as traditional hard copy Student Manuals, providing maximum flexibility to teach each program regardless of your classroom type. Call now so that we can consult with you about how to best meet your current classroom needs.

Teacher Presentation Tool (TPT)

Now more than ever, teachers need tools to simplify teaching and to keep students engaged and on-task. To that end, Choosing the Best created the Teacher Presentation Tool. The TPT is an interactive, animated Google Slide Presentation which is accessed by the teacher online and projected onto the classroom Smartboard throughout each of the lessons. As the teacher presents information from the Leader’s Guide, they utilize the TPT to provide a page-by-page, animated, interactive, visual reinforcement of the key concepts and activities appearing in the Student Manuals, keeping students engaged and on task.    

The TPT provides a smoother, simpler teaching process and an enhanced learning experience regardless of classroom setting or whether students are using hard copy or e-Student Manuals. Available for all middle and high school programs. Please note the TPT does not replace the Leader’s Guide but is an additional tool included in the Leader’s Kit. Complimentary to all schools using Choosing the Best with fidelity (i.e., purchasing a Student Manual for each student.) Call now so we can help you incorporate this new tool into your classroom.

Below is a sample page from the Teacher Presentation Tool.