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Title V Correlations

See how each Choosing the Best curriculum meets Title V, A-F criteria.

CTB-Title V Correlation

State Correlations

Choosing the Best curricula meet most state standards for middle and high school sexual health education. To find out how Choosing the Best correlates to your specific state standards, please email Rachel Turner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Choosing the Best WAY:

a complete, easy-to-use program

  • Leader guide (see picture below) details teaching objectives, outline, plan, and alternative activities. Conveniently features student curriculum on each page.
  • Video vignettes for each lesson
  • Student manual with interactive exercises and parent-student interviews
  • Colorful posters to reinforce healthy choices and positive behavior
  • Handy binder for easy storage
  • Title V approved

5th Edition Now Available!

For Lower Middle School – 6th Grade

Down-to-earth and hands-on, these 6 sessions keep students involved through self-discovery and interviews with friends, parents or guardians, and class partners. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to discussion. This lively curriculum creates the foundation for an informed commitment to healthy relationships. The 45-minute sessions cover:

  • Deciding on Your Future
    Students watch teens talk about the importance of making smart decisions. Students then discover how decisions help them reach their goals, especially when linked with determination.
  • Figuring Out Friendships and Relationships
    This lesson begins by looking at the qualities of a good friend, then progresses to understanding crushes, infatuations and true love through a fun-filled activity. Learning respect for the other person is part of this lively session.
  • Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships
    Students learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, discovering how how emotional needs may leave them vulnerable to unhealthy relationships. An engaging activity helps students build self-esteem by discovering their personal uniqueness. Included is a separate discussion about preventing sexual violence, which teaches students how to identify sexual violence as well as how to get help if they or someone they know has been a victim.
  • Identifying the Risks
    This lesson presents students with facts about the risks of teen pregnancy and STDs, as well as the emotional effects often not discussed. From this study, students see the need for compassion.
  • Choosing the Best Way
    This lesson’s study reinforces the risks of sexual activity while also emphasizing the positive benefits of sexual delay. Students discuss healthy choices, and have the chance to reflect upon how choosing to delay sexual activity can benefit their health and future.
  • Learning How to Say "NO"
    Once students choose sexual delay, they need tools to help them resist pressures from friends and others to become sexually active. Students learn how to set boundaries, speak up, and be assertive through teaching and role-plays. Students also learn the importance of courage in sticking with their decisions.

Each lesson in WAY begins with a video to engage students. Below is a sample of some of the video clips from WAY. Please note this is only a portion, not the complete video, of the lesson featured.


Choosing the Best WAY