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Title V Correlations

See how each Choosing the Best curriculum meets Title V, A-F criteria.

CTB-Title V Correlation

State Correlations

Choosing the Best curricula meet most state standards for middle and high school sexual health education. To find out how Choosing the Best correlates to your specific state standards, please email Rachel Turner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Consistent with Title V Federal guidelines A-F for abstinence-centered, sexual risk avoidance education, Choosing the Best curricula serve school systems and community groups. A recent published study indicated that students who received Choosing the Best were nearly 1.5 times more likely to delay the onset of sexual behavior than students who did not receive the program. Teachers and parents alike praise our age-appropriate materials!

Middle School Programs

icon wayChoosing the Best WAY*
Grade 6. Created for lower middle school students, this six-lesson curriculum gives students age-appropriate insight into what’s happening to their changing bodies and emotions, explores healthy versus unhealthy relationships, and teaches delaying sex as the best WAY.

*5th Edition now available.

icon pathChoosing the Best PATH
Grade 7. This dynamic eight-lesson curriculum captivates middle school students. Assertiveness training engages students in learning how to say “NO” to at-risk sexual activity and “YES” to healthy relationships and sexual delay.

Choosing the Best LIFEChoosing the Best LIFE
Grade 8. Developed for upper middle school students, this eight-lesson curriculum covers critical topics such as preventing sexual violence and understanding consent. This high impact program engages the heart as well as the head, teaching students that sexual delay is the best choice for a healthy LIFE.


High School Program

Choosing the Best JOURNEYChoosing the Best JOURNEY*
Grades 9-10. Targeting lower high school students, this inspiring eight-lesson curriculum motivates students to set goals, make good decisions, and develop healthy relationships. The benefits of delaying sex allow students to continue on their best JOURNEY.

*5th Edition now available.


Why Choosing the Best Works:

Choosing the Best utilizes the following six keys to effective abstinence-centered, sexual risk avoidance and relationship education:

  • Motivational Learning Environment — Video vignettes of real-life teens, in-depth discussions, classroom exercises and role-plays engage the students in learning.
  • Medical Learning Model — Medically accurate, current information on STDs, teen pregnancy and emotional consequences provides students with the facts they need to make the healthiest choices for their future..
  • Relationship Education and Refusal Skills — Verbal and non-verbal assertiveness training strengthens students’ confidence and ability to handle negative peer and relationship pressures.
  • Sexual Violence Prevention—In-depth discussions ensure students know how to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence, as well as how to get help if they or someone they know is a victim. Students also learn about “consent.”
  • Parent Involvement — Student Manual provides at-home opportunities for critical parent-student interaction.
  • Character Education —  Each lesson challenges students to develop important traits such as self-respect, respect for others, compassion, honesty or courage.