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Ashley Mullins
Peer Leader
Griffin High School, GA

“I enjoy being a peer leader [a student who taught a portion of Choosing the Best LIFE and PATH to other students] because I get a chance to talk to the students in my school and to find out what is going on in their grade. We found out that the upperclassmen have a big impact because the younger students watch us. They are very appreciative of us coming to their class, because no one had ever done that before. We put ourselves out there as friends as well as mentors.

“I was honored that a teacher would recommend me for something that is so important. If someone else was thinking about being a peer leader, I would tell them, ‘Practice what you preach.’ If you have strong values and something you look forward to, you’ll push yourself to the limit. It’s not easy, but it all comes down to self-discipline and determination. With those values, I can accomplish my goals.”