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Carlas Bunch
Coordinator for the abstinence classes
Southeast Kentucky Women for Life

“We operate a crisis pregnancy center and felt we should do something before we saw those young ladies in our office. Another pregnancy crisis center in Barbourville, Kentucky was very pleased with Choosing the Best, so we started Choosing the Best PATH and Choosing the Best LIFE here in August 2001.

“Southeast Kentucky Women for Life is sponsoring the program in five schools in 2002-03. From August to December 2002, 56% of students — 303 out of 542 — have signed the abstinence pledge. Students do an evaluation at the end of the classes, too. A big majority say they like the role playing. They don’t like the slides on STDs, but that is what gets their attention. We want to leave an impression on them, and if that prevents them from getting an STD, then we’ve accomplished our goal.”