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WAY, PATH, LIFE, and JOURNEY each cover the risks of teen sexual behavior, the rewards of abstinence, peer pressure and refusal skills, an abstinence pledge, character education, self-esteem exercises, relationship education, and include parent interview assignments. The information is presented in a manner that is age-appropriate and maximizes learning for students given their stage of development. The videos used and classroom exercises increase the interactive impact in the classroom. For example, the Choosing the Best WAY program, for 6th graders, covers making good decisions and developing the qualities of a good friend, important topics for the younger age groups. Choosing the Best PATH, for 7th grade students, provides a strong emphasis on teen role models who are choosing abstinence. Both WAY and PATH utilize experiential learning techniques to capture the attention of these young students. Choosing the Best LIFE, for 8th graders, provides an in-depth discussion of key issues affecting the sexual decision making of this age group, such as the use of alcohol, while Choosing the Best JOURNEY for 9th graders expands the discussion to topics such as date rape and pornography. Choosing the Best SOUL MATE inspires upper high school students to develop the communication skills and personal qualities essential for successful relationships of all kinds — with parents, peers, co-workers, teachers — and ultimately, for a lasting marriage. A logical sequel to Choosing the Best abstinence programs for younger teens, SOUL MATE continues to emphasize that sexual abstinence is critical to preparing for a lifelong, lasting relationship.