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Dear Teacher/Facilitator of Choosing the Best PARENT PREP:

In October 2017, the Choosing the Best PARENT PREP Leader Guide was revised as outlined in the table below. If your Leader Guide was purchased prior to this date, please incorporate these changes into your teaching. If you have any questions about these revisions, please contact 1-800-774-BEST and ask for assistance regarding curricula updates.


Pg # Leader Guide Text
5 Under text for slide 4, delete the phrase “among sexually active teen girls and revise the first bullet under that to say “About 450,000 teen pregnancies each year.” [keep endnote 3]  Revise the next bullet about STDs to say “Forty-percent (40%) of sexually active teen girls have an STD*” [keep endnote 4]

In text for slide 19, revise second and third sentences to say:

About 450,000 teen girls get pregnant each year in the U.S.20  That’s almost 1,300 teen pregnancies each day!

12 In the text for slide 30, last sentence, replace “57” with “43” and “50%” with “63”

Under program endnotes, replace #3, #20, and #36 with: The Guttmacher Institute. Pregnancies, Births, and Abortions Among Adolescents and Young Women in the U.S., 2013. National and State Trends by Age, Race, and Ethnicity. Kost, Maddow-Zimet, and Arpaia. September 2017.


Delete “among sexually active teen girls”.  Revise two bullets below to say:

  • 450,000 teen pregnancies/yr in U.S.
  • 40% of sexually-active teen girls have an STD.*
Slide 19

Revise first 3 bullets as follows:

  • 450,000 teen pregnancies per year (2013)
  • 1,300 teen pregnancies each day.
  • Consequences:
Slide 24 In 4th bullet, replace word “nearly” with “About”
Slide 30 In second graph on page, replace 50% with 63%, replace 57 with 43, and replace 2010 with 2013.